Reap the rewards of generosity

The advent of the web has upended our entire cosmos, the world of commerce in particular. Manifestly, the true revolution has taken place within the sales and marketing arena.

An ocean of information and businesses has become available at the click of a mouse. Traffic in retail outlets has dropped in recent years, and not necessarily because customers buy online, but because they conduct research online, learning about you and your competition, and weighing comments and opinions Internet users offer. The sales experience begins online. True, customers compare prices, but if the whole venture had come down to a price war, we would already all be lost. Content marketing constitutes your trump card. Content creates the sales experience.

Most of us prefer to conduct our research privately, without unwelcome interruptions or sales pitches. We seek primarily solutions to our concerns and answers to our questions. That’s what the power of good nourishing content is about: solutions.

You want to build a deck. You probe the web. You find a website that has the information you need, step by step videos, and even online help with competent and experienced technicians, all for free. You don’t even have to buy a manual. But you probably didn’t want to read a manual anyway. The sales experience is pleasant and helpful. You go back on the website for subsequent projects or purchases. You mention your experience on Facebook to your friends. It has become your site. It won you over. Giving away valuable solutions pays off.

Significant content offers valuable solutions using SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO makes you visible to your audience by helping to locate you. SEO is a well-known concept within the web milieu not necessarily familiar with the public, and often misunderstood, inadequately addressed, both undervalued and overvalued, and constantly shifting with the introduction of new algorithms. I refer to SEO as it pertains to the quantitative and qualitative study of all searches for products and services initiated by Internet users. More plainly, it is the language that your audience uses, both on and off the web, when socializing and generally pursuing life. You launch a search for a roasted chicken recipe. The results on the first page lead you time and again to a famous chef. Why this chef again? The SEO content is excellent, and the master chef has long established his authority by revealing secrets, advice and teachings profusely and generously. He has copiously supplied the social media and the web with renewed, relevant and specialized content. He uses savoury and captivating headlines: “Do not fear, donuts can be healthy!” Aren’t you a little curious? You are establishing your authority with content marketing in order to be among the front-runners in your field.